El Salvador is the shopping centre capital of Central America, and locals also use malls as places to play and hang out.

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San Salvador's malls

More than just shopping, here malls are a window into social life.

Shopping malls in San Salvador are more than places to shop - for plenty of locals they're full-fledged social centres, destinations for an afternoon or evening, to spend time with family, meet up with friends, make new friends, and more. So they're an interesting window onto one aspect of the local social scene. If you walk along the southern stretch of Bulevar de los Héroes, because of its size you won't be able to miss the Metrocentro San Salvador, Central America's largest shopping centre. Head from there southwest, passing the Divine Saviour of the World Monument, and you'll come across Galería Escalón, unquestionably the city's poshest - worth a visit if for no other reason than to savour its impressive design. Over in the Santa Tecla district you can visit the Multiplaza on the Pan American Highway, where lots of people will meet for a drink and perhaps a meal after work.

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