A small local chain known for its top-quality pupusas and other local specialities, as well as its relaxed atmosphere.

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Típicos Margoth restaurant

One of the most beloved names in town for local cuisine.

For the best dining in town, you'll want to make your way to Santa Tecla, the area of ​​the city with the best-known pupuserías (restaurants specialising in local cuisine and especially the national dish, corn pupusas) where many locals get together. And try to make one of the visits be to one of the branches of Típicos Margoth, which began as a single humble pupusería in 1962 but eventually grew to become a small chain, with two of its four locations in Santa Tecla (Calle Chiltiupán and Plaza Merliot mall); the other two are on Calle Itsmania and the Carretera al Puerto. Top-quality local cuisine, relaxed atmosphere.

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