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Kasbah Museum

All types of objects to understand the country better

You'll be struck by the architecture of Dar-el-Makhzen (Governor's House), a beautiful palace built around two colonnaded courtyards where the light takes on that special color only seen in Morocco. Built in the late seventeenth century, it was one of the places where the sultan of the country stayed periodically, hence the beauty and magnificence of its architecture and decoration. Make sure to check out the beautiful ceilings and the dome that crowns the main hall! It was not until 1922 that it opened as a museum of Moroccan art to allow both locals and tourists to discover and learn about the country's art and history. Among its facilities you will find jewelry, weapons, skins, old bindings, instruments, textiles, manuscripts and all sorts of ancient artifacts found in and around​​ Tangier. Like a challenge? Try to figure out how to open the big iron safe where the Sultan's valuables were kept.

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