A city with characteristic smells had to have a place such as this.

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Madini Perfumes

Oils and essences make a fragrant souvenir

Though Tangier is certainly the proverbial feast for all the senses, one of your key memories will definitely be the aromas - the spices of its markets; the mint of the hot teas in its cafés and tearooms; and quite possibly the exotic floral, resin, and wood essences wafting out of this famous parfumerie on Boulevard Pasteur. The venerable shop named for the family which has owned it for 14 (!) generations is famous for its exquisite, secret-recipe perfumes that enthrall locals as much as visitors. And by the way, more than a few of those visitors come to request low-cost copies of their favourite perfumes - and for the most part, Madini delivers, quite precisely, thank you very much.

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