The remains of the Cervantes Theater

Barely the shadow of its former self, but you can still sense the glamor and excitement that once was.

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The remains of the Cervantes Theater

Memories of a splendid past

Although it's a shame to see it in ruins, this wonderful building still maintains an aura of glories past as a place where so much of the city's dramatic and artistic life took place once upon a time. Although you can't enter the building, and the sight of the debris frankly saddens, you can still admire its impressive façade of yellow tiles... and imagine what life was like here when it was in full swing, when its 1,400 seats were filled to capacity for the top cultural events of the city. Impressive and lovely since its opening in 1913, great plays and performances by Spanish artists such as Lola Flores and Carmen Sevilla took place on its stage.

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