A day at the beach and lots to see.

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Visiting Ksar Sghir

Around Tangier

If you have time, do try to schedule a day trip to this historic fishing town some 40 kilometres (25 miles) east along the Mediterranean coast (reachable by road and train - and halfway, as it happens, to the Spanish enclave of Ceuta). Situated on a small hill with sweeping sea views, Ksar es Seghir has been a strategic object of desire since the first century BC. In the mid 15th century, it was conquered by the Portuguese, who held it for two centuries and left behind a fortress and various Islamic architectural elements they had transformed (incidentally, this was also, according to contemporary accounts, the port which in the 15th century received many of the Moors expelled from Spain after the Christian reconquest). It has a very traditional Moroccan feel, and is surrounded by a wall which for the most part protected it from dangers from land or sea. Other local attractions include the archaeological ruins and a nice beach.

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