An unusual journey through the history of one of the oldest industrial sectors in Vigo.

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ANFACO museum of the canning industry

Original above all else.

Fish and seafood have always been the two great icons of Galician cuisine and, as such, it wasn't long before a fully scientific approach was taken to the canning process, being one of the most important sectors in the region. The museum of the canning industry (Museo de la Industria Conservera) is probably the most unusual of all Vigo's museums, offering the chance to explore the over one-hundred-year history of the sector and to learn all about the canning process. Original documents, old cans, canning machinery and a large collection of photographs accompany you on this unique journey, where visitors have been known to share their own personal memories and experiences. The section on how the advertising of canned goods has developed over time is especially interesting.

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