You can't miss its legendary sundial and image of Cristo de la Victoria.

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Co-cathedral of Santa María

The biggest church in the city.

Popularly known as "La Colegiata", the Santa María cathedral is the most impressive example of sacred architecture in Vigo. Built in the neoclassical style (although the towers are a baroque addition), it has a rectangular layout with three naves and an altar flanked by two vestries. The façade has a simple, understated design, with the cathedral's famous sundial taking full centre stage. This is an unusual piece as it doesn't face south like most sundials. In addition, the cathedral is home to the famous image of Cristo de la Victoria which was created by the sculptor Sebastián Ucete and is the most revered religious sculpture in the city. It plays a leading role in Vigo's main festival when it is paraded through the city on the first Sunday in August to call thousands of locals to the most popular event of the year. You'll find the cathedral at the heart of the historical quarter.

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