Its characteristic façade symbolises the grandeur and history of the city.

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Exemplary and unmissable architecture.

A real must, "El Moderno" is a building of unquestionable beauty born from the very best architectural eclecticism of the late 19th and early 20th century. Standing at the centre of Vigo's historical quarter, this masterpiece is the work of French architect Michel Pacewicz, who finished the building in 1902. For many decades, it was home to a hotel called "El Moderno" and the name has stuck to present day. The French influence on the building shines through in the elaborate design and the delicate balance between the multiple elements of the façade. To name but a few, the façade includes Corinthian columns, arches and garlands, topped by a dome and pavilion which add a sublime finishing touch to the "El Moderno" building. Its multiple balconies, some of which extend across several windows, also add to its unique charm.

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