An institution that promotes the work of this great artist and 20th-century icon of Vigo.

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Laxeiro Foundation

Body and soul of the painter.

José Otero Abeledo rose to international fame working under the moniker "Laxeiro". He was born in the town of Lalín in Pontevedra, but his strong connection to Vigo has had his name synonymous with the city, where he died in 1996. The Laxeiro Foundation was set up in 1999 and both promotes and researches the work of this great artist who had such a unique impact on 20th-century Galician art. Located in the Casa de las Artes, the Foundation has a permanent collection of 62 of his paintings, including self-portraits, Carnavalada, Héroe and Maquinaria humana. In addition, it also hosts temporary exhibitions of his work on loan from collections outside of Vigo. The Foundation offers guided tours for an in-depth insight into Laxeiro's life and work, which we advise booking at least two days in advance.

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