A mix of good music, modern decor and exquisite flavour combinations.

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Uno Está cocktail bar

Kick back with a classy cocktail.

Located in the heart of the old town, very close to the estuary, Uno Está is a clear example of the successful rejuvenation of this part of the city over the past few years. The result is truly spectacular: interior design inspired by icons of the modern design movement such as Charles Eames or Alvin Lustig, yet respecting the exterior face of the building, the Casa Bárcena, which dates back to 1863. This relaxed, charming bar is the ideal place to talk the night away with your partner or friends, while savouring a well-deserved cocktail after a gentle stroll along the estuary. Jazz and soul music, selected by the infallible Arkestra collective, complete the laid-back vibe. Bars with a truly great atmosphere or such delectable cocktails are few and far between: at Uno Está, you'll find both.

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