TUTUKTUK. Modern Madrid

Madrid has its own unique personality. From the oldest and most iconic part of the city to the ultra-modern Castellana and the Azca business district. As well as the most traditional and historic areas, we'll show you the boulevards, the world-famous Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and Plaza Castilla.

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Royal Palace – La Almudena Cathedral – Puerta del Sol – San Miguel Market – Literary Quarter (Cervantes) – Parliament – Cibeles Fountain – Neptune Fountain – Church of Los Jerónimos – Prado Museum – Retiro Park – Alcalá Gate – Salamanca Quarter – Plaza de Colón – Avenida de la Castellana – New Ministries – Azca - Santiago Bernabéu Stadium – Plaza Castilla – Avenida de la Castellana – Calle Alcalá – Metropolis Building – Canalejas Centre – Plaza de Santa Ana – Royal Palace

Madrid is a city with its own personality, from the historic areas to the most modern parts. Max. 4 people

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