Banco López de Haro

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  • Award: US $1,00 or 100 pesos = 1 Avios

Convert your purchases into Avios with the credit cards Visa Iberia Banco López de Haro and the rewards will be flights, stays at hotels, hiring cars and much more Iberia Plus Partners.

Collect 1 Avios with every US$1,00 or 100 pesos spent and get double Avios when you buy your tickets through

Also, once you spend US$ 1,000 or the equivalent in pesos within the following first 3 months after activating your Visa Iberia Banco López de Haro card, you will get 15,000 Welcome Avios.

See Avios table

How can I earn Avios?

Step 1

Use your Visa Iberia Banco López de Haro in your daily purchases. If you don't have it yet, apply for your credit card at

Step 2

The Avios will be credited directly to your Iberia Plus membership number the following month after the purchase.

Step 3

For missing Avios queries, please call the Customer Service Center at +1 809 535-8994 or contact through

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