A stroll around the historical town of Kouba

A former colonial settlement that still maintains its original layout within the capital.

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A stroll around the historical town of Kouba

Unexpectedly grand

Located to the south of the city centre, this district is an interesting alternative for exploring a side of Algiers that doesn't often feature in travel guides, beyond the most typical spots. Kouba was a colonial settlement built in the mid-19th century but which, due to the growing population, was engulfed by the capital. As such, it has become a district with its own unique personality, maintaining its original layout of large villas, low houses and building that are no more than four or five metres high. A stroll through this area of broad streets and large avenues is a breath of fresh air within the city, as it seems like you're suddenly in a totally different place. It is ideal for an insight into normal life in the city and for sampling a delicious mint tea in one of the tea rooms you'll find along the way.

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