Spectacular labyrinth of streets, steps and hills, full of hidden delights.

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A stroll through the Casbah

World Heritage Site

A visit to the citadel of Algiers is like stepping back in time to the historical heart of the city, to a place where you can still sense the grandness and splendour of days gone by. The Casbah, the Arabic name for a medina, is located on a small hill facing the sea and is home to an infinite number of winding, cobbled streets full of steps and hidden treasures at every turn. It is divided into two sections: the top part, which is the oldest and where you'll find most of the attractions; and the bottom or French part, where you'll see a clear change in architecture. A stroll within these walls will be an indescribable experience, and you'll feel the atmosphere wash over you as soon as the magic takes holds. The Casbah is so special that it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992. Completely unmissable.

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