Delicious recipes from both sides of the Mediterranean, perfect for a treat.

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Au Bon Gibier

Where France and Algeria meet

Excellent fusion of Algerian and French cuisine. Au Bon Gibier has made perfect combinations its calling card and we're not just talking about the food: the décor is a perfect blend of picturesque, rustic style and surprisingly modern touches. The menu offers succulent meat and fish dishes complete with show-stopping presentation: seafood-filled bureks, fried red mullet, duck served with orange, roasted baby goat, chicken with cabbage, grilled salmon and endless options that are anything but conventional, in keeping with the ethos of the restaurant. An extensive range of national wines is also available. The dining hall is very elegant and there is a charming, romantic atmosphere, thanks to the soft lighting, and a pretty terrace. It is the ideal spot for a well-deserved treat.

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