A complete journey through Algerian history based on ethnographic exhibitions.

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Bardo National Museum

The soul of Algerian culture

You'll find no better place for learning about the history of Algiers, from its deepest routes. The Bardo National Museum is the main ethnographic centre in the city, a place where you'll get the chance to take a complete journey through the soul of the national culture and to gain a first-hand insight into the richness of the country. It is home to various ethnographic collections in the main building and prehistoric collections in the adjoining section, which take you through the various stages of human development from the prehistoric era to present day. The exhibitions run in chronological order. Inside, you'll find various objects from the Palaeolithic and Neolithic eras, a room dedicated to cave paintings and, curiously, a collection of ostrich eggs that our ancestors used as bottles. That said, the most popular exhibition is the tomb, skeleton and grave goods of the Tuareg queen Tin Hinan. You'll be lost for words!

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