As well as its large natural area, there is also a zoo and an amusement park.

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Ben Aknoun Park and Zoo

Children, the real stars of the show

One of the largest green areas in Algiers, located to the south of the city. It covers an area of over three hundred hectares, and it is the ideal place to get back to nature and escape the hustle and bustle of other parts of the city. A stroll through its greenery will be a more than relaxing experience. It also has two large attractions that give it its own unique personality: a zoo and an amusement park. The first covers over forty hectares and is home to all the most typical African animals including gazelles, lions, camels and various species of birds; the second has several play areas and attractions, although they may appear slightly dated by today's standards. That aside, the Ben Aknoun Park is a great choice for a fun-filled family day out, where the children will have a wonderful time and be the real stars of the show.

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