Climbing the octagonal tower is like travelling back in time.

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Bordj de Tamentfoust

Sublime views of the Mediterranean

This could be described as one of the city's best kept secrets, a place that has managed to avoid the attentions of mass tourism. The Bordj de Tamentfoust is an old Ottoman fortress built in 1661 which will take you back in time: its walls, which have been very well preserved, bear the scars of age-old battles and the tell-tale signs of a stormy past. The distinguishing feature of this fortress is its octagonal layout, the only example of this style in the entire Maghreb. What's more, it is built following the customs of the era, with small turrets, slots for archers and a moat that could only be crossed by drawbridge. There is a museum inside the complex and the terrace at the top of the tower offers unforgettable views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Bay of Algiers. Taking in the immenseness of the sea from this viewpoint is truly spectacular.

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