Its central location makes it the ideal spot for a pretty night-time stroll.

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Bulevar Che Guevara

The seaside promenade par excellence

This is one of the main arteries of the city and one of the busiest streets in the old town. The Bulevar Che Guevara has the honour of being the most famous seaside promenade in Algiers, thanks to its historical importance, its proximity to the city centre and to the monumental buildings that line the street. These include masterpieces dating from 1840 and designed by the architects Pierre-August Guiauchain and Frederic Chassériau, which are easily recognisable thanks to the impressive arcades that form a truly beautiful sight. On the other side, there is a large pedestrianised walkway that is ideal for a peaceful seafront stroll; exploring this area is a real must when in the city to experience the Mediterranean in all its glory. At night, the promenade is very well lit, making it an ideal place for a picturesque walk before bed.

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