Lamb, vegetables, chickpeas, chicken... What would you like to go with it?

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Couscous, the big star

The national dish

Tasty, appealing and cheap. There is no better way to describe the star dish of Algerian cuisine, it's bound to be love at first bite. This is the national dish par excellence. Couscous is made from semolina (granules of durum wheat) that, after being steamed for several hours, becomes light, fluffy and enriched with an unmistakeable flavour marked by spices. Therein lies the essence of an excellent dish. The ingredients that couscous is served with give each dish a unique character and allow the chef to make their own personal mark: lamb, chickpeas, chicken, vegetables... Indeed, it's been said that no two couscous dishes are ever alike. Some people eat it with a spicy red sauce called harissa, made from red peppers, garlic and olive oil, for an even more intense flavour. Ready to tuck in?

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