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From bazaar to bazaar

A deep-rooted tradition

If we had to choose one Algerian tradition related to the world of shopping, it would have to be a trip to the city's main bazaars. These bazaars are small markets that are usually held in the open air and offer the most eclectic range of good you could image, from antiques to food to decorative items. The common feature that links them all is the constant flow of people, a thriving mass of shoppers that never seems to let up: you'll end up loving it or hating it, depending on your personal tastes. In Algiers, there are lots of different bazaars in the different districts of the city, but perhaps the most famous are those around the Mosque of the Fishermen and the Chaat Market, in the centre of the city. At these lively markets, you’ll get first-hand experience of the haggling between sellers and buyers and you'll have the chance to buy exotic fresh fruit, tapestries and local artisan products.

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