Aim to visit these squares at sundown, the views of the Mediterranean are spectacular!

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Grande Poste Square and Sofía Square

Nerve centre of the city

These two squares, which are very close to each other, form one of the nerve centres of Algiers. Located at the heart of the city, they are popular with locals and tourists alike, as the large hotels are just a short walk away and it is very common to cross them at the beginning or the end of a tour of the city. They are surrounded by large buildings, some governmental, and are home to pretty fountains and gardens, making them the ideal place for a pleasant stroll. You'll also find various statues in these squares that commemorate the independence of the county, the famous flower clock and Le Grande Poste d'Alger, which is probably the most eye-catching building in this part of the city. And the best thing? The beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea that can be enjoyed from these squares, a real treat for the senses. They are especially magical at the end of the afternoon, thanks to the beautiful lighting.

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