Arabic, Ottoman and Byzantine: an architectural mix that won't leave you indifferent.

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Ketchaoua Mosque

Stunning combination of styles

Dating from the 17th century, this much more modern mosque is one of the most iconic buildings in the Casbah. Thanks to its stylised and well-balanced combination of Arabic, Ottoman and Byzantine architectural styles, it is certainly quite unmissable. Its façade is no less impressive, boasting a portico with lofty arches and black-veined marble columns, in addition to the 23 steps leading up to the main entrance. The entrance is flanked on both sides by two large octagonal minarets, setting a very majestic scene. Most interestingly, it was converted into a Christian church, the Cathedral of St. Philip, during the French rule and it wasn't until 1962, the year of independence, when it was changed back again to a mosque. Thanks to its prime location, it is one of the best starting points for a stroll around the city centre.

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