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Le Marché Meissonier

Immerse yourself in Algiers!

All capital cities worth their salt should have a typical daily market offering the very best and freshest local produce. In Algiers, this place is called Le Marché Meissonier and they don't get more picturesque than this. Take a walk around this square and you'll enter a world of intense, unmistakeable colours, smells and favours, providing an unforgettable sensory experience. At this market, you'll have the chance to see the best of Algerian gastronomy and all of the very highest quality: fresh fish, fruit (including some that you'll not have seen before), vegetables, meat, ready-made products, olives, spices and a whole range of culinary delights that will make your mouth water. If that wasn't enough, you'll be immersed, without even realising it, in the everyday atmosphere of the city, taking in the sights and smells as you experience a day in the life of the locals as they go about their daily business. A brilliant alternative.

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