There are no tables here: diners simply stand around the grill.

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Le Tyrolien

Excellent roast meat

Attention all meat lovers! This restaurant will become one of your favourite places in the city. Le Tyrolien is known for its huge central grill, where its friendly owner cooks up some of the best cuts in Algiers. What's more, you'll feel right at home here as there aren't any tables: everyone stands at the bar that runs around the grill, which is great for striking up conversation with the other guests. Being such a small place, where there is barely room for twenty people, you'll often find a mix of locals and tourists. The menu includes chicken, lamb, vegetable brochettes, sausages and appetising salads that are served on the house. Simple, but really tasty. Another unusual feature is that Le Tyrolien serves beer and a selection of the best national wines, which are always hard to find.

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