The meeting place of literary greats like Camus or Djaout. Unmissable.

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Librairie des Beaux-Arts

Do you like to read? This is the place for you

If you're an avid reader, this bookshop will soon become one of your favourite places in the capital. The Librairie des Beaux-Arts is thought of by many as the best bookshop in Algiers, both for its intellectual atmosphere and its rich history, as it was the meeting place for writers such as Albert Camus, Tahar Djaout or Emmanuel Roblès, the masters of Algerian literature. Opening in the 1950s, it has been a bohemian haven ever since and is still a cultural reference point in the city today. It has a large selection of books about Algeria, as well as all the great works and others that are less well known by the country's leading authors that would be hard to find elsewhere; there are also special editions from local publishing houses and some contemporary magazines. If only to soak up the very special atmosphere here, a visit to the Librairie des Beaux-Arts is well worth it.

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