Ever heard of burek, chorba soup or dolma? They're all excellent choices!

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The city's gastronomical delights include other top-quality dishes, based on balanced and healthy ingredients, which are famous for their amazing flavours. Burek is perhaps one of the most popular; a pastry parcel filled with meat, onion and fried egg which is usually eaten as an aperitif. Chorba is an intensely favoured soup with spices taking centre stage above other ingredients like meat, carrots and courgettes; it is mainly eaten during the month of Ramadan. Last but not least, dolma are vine leaves stuffed with rice, meat and spices that are served as small individual rolls, allowing you to try several different types. And what about dessert? Excellent sweet offerings that stay true to their Arabic roots, using natural ingredients like dates, honey or almonds. Mouth-wateringly good!

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