A journey through the country's most deep-rooted customs and the Algerian way of life.

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Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions

Incredible artisan creations

Believe us: this will be one of the most interesting places you'll visit in the city. Located in a pretty Ottoman-style building, this centre will take you on a detailed journey through the customs, traditions and most deep-rooted aspects of the country, such as its artisan crafts and classical culture. The museum has a large collection of everyday Algerian objects, many of them already antiques, such as traditional cooking utensils, fabrics, jewellery, exquisite decorative elements and more, which paint a vivid picture of what everyday life was like in Algeria and how it has changed over time. You'll also see a range of beautiful artisan craftwork, such as rugs or furnishings, and you can even buy an original piece as a souvenir. The museum opened in 1961. From the upper level, you'll get a spectacular, panoramic view of the sea and the old town of Algiers.

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