Temporary exhibitions, documentaries and workshops exploring the country's marine heritage.

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National Maritime Museum

The Mediterranean Sea takes centre stage

It would be impossible to understand the history of Algeria without looking to the Mediterranean Sea, one of the elements that has defined traditions and the way of life in a large part of the country; perhaps unsurprisingly, as the Algerian coastline is over one thousand kilometres long. Covering invasions, battles, the influence of other cultures and the coastline as an economic driver, this museum celebrates the country’s invaluable connection to the sea through temporary exhibitions, workshops, documentary screenings and conferences that are held all year round. The museum not only explains the various missions undertaken by the Algerian Navy and the models of boats it has, but it also promotes the nation's subaquatic heritage and maritime archaeology. A highly recommended visit for exploring a different side to the Mediterranean Sea and finding out about its influence on the Maghreb region.

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