Pretty rectangular patio surrounded by three floors of arcades, a mosque and a gunpowder magazine.

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Palace of the Dey

Remnants of architectural splendour

Initially built as a military fortress, this palace ended up as the luxurious and elegant home of the last deys (governors) of Algiers, serving as a perfect example of the past splendour of the city. Located in the highest part of the Casbah, the Palace of the Dey was built in the mid-16th century. Although it is currently under restoration, you can still make out the pretty architecture that makes it one of the great architectural relics of Algiers. It is made up of a central, rectangular patio surrounded by three floors of symmetrical arcades, a gunpowder magazine and a mosque; these are the remains that have survive the passage of time. It has also borne witness to more recent historical events, as the site of the famous "fan affair", which sparked the French military expedition that led to the colonisation of the country.

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