Pâtisserie Noor el Hani

Considered as a true gourmet option, the ideal place for an edible souvenir.

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Pâtisserie Noor el Hani

A sweet treat as a souvenir

Of all the bakeries in Algiers, this is the most highly recommended for sampling traditional cakes and pastries and for taking home an exquisite, sugary tray of souvenirs. The Pâtisserie Noor el Hani was opened in 2002 by the great pastry chef Idiri Malika. It has been such a success that it now has three sister stores in the capital and is considered as a real gourmet option. The key to its success lies in the use of top-quality ingredients and the combination of traditional recipes with more modern creations. At Pâtisserie Noor el Hani, you'll be treated to the cream of Algerian sweets, where honey, almonds and pistachios take centre stage, but with a very characteristic personal touch. They even do low-calorie options. There’s no better souvenir than an edible treat!

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