A church characterised by its modern lines. Very recent: built in 1956.

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Sacred Heart Cathedral

Originality above all else

Another Catholic bastion of the Algerian capital; a building that is anything but ordinary. The Sacred Heart Cathedral filled the gap left by the Muslim reconversion of the Ketchaoua Mosque; a very modern church, it was built in 1956. Its design is nothing like the traditional idea of a Christian church; on the outside, it looks more like a tower at a nuclear power plant than a cathedral, making for a truly original place of worship. It was designed by the architects Paul Herbé and Jean Le Couteur. Its dimensions are also pretty impressive: the dome stands 25 metres tall and the nave is 52 metres long. Its numerous stained-glass windows, bathing the church in colour and light, and the slanting lines of its pillars are two of the most impressive features. It is located in the upper part of the city.

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