You can buy directly from the workshops, with no middle man. Ready to haggle?

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Shopping in Bab El Oued

Home to the great artisans of the city

This district is at the feet of the Casbah and has strong bohemian and working-class roots. It is one of the main artisan centres of the city and has been home to the largest number of workshops for decades. This tradition, artisan crafts, has been experiencing a considerable boom as the number of tourists continues to rise. In Bad El Oued, you'll have the chance to visit small craft markets, see first-hand how some products are made and buy directly from the artisans, with no middle man. You’ll find a wide range of tapestries, carpets, fashion jewellery, decorative items, fabrics, leather goods and other beautiful, handmade products. A word of advice? Be prepared to haggle, as you might get a better price than the one you're first offered. The best place to buy that special something you've spent ages looking for.

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