The Great Mosque of Algiers

Built in the 11th century in the almoravid style, it is the oldest temple in Algiers.

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The Great Mosque of Algiers

An impressive building

We have arrived at the city's most important temple: it is not only the oldest but also the largest in Algiers. The Great Mosque, called Djama’a al-Kebir in Arabic, was built in the 11th century in an unmistakable almoravid style, where its elegant poly-lobed arches, which are so typical of that era, combine with the traditional double tiled roof to create a true masterpiece of urban architecture. New decorative elements have been added over the centuries, while other features have been carefully restored to reflect the Mosque's former glory. The intense white of the façade is broken by just a few blue motifs on the upper section, creating an overwhelming sense of sobriety; the same can be seen on the minaret, rising proudly above the rest of the building. Interestingly, the complex as a whole is wider than it is tall. Inside, the mosque is decorated with ceramics and wood.

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