Not only worth a visit for the mausoleum but also for its natural surroundings.

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Tombeau de la Chrétienne

A place of great beauty

If you'll be Algiers for a few days, we recommend getting out of the city and visiting the famous mausoleum known as Tombeau de la Chrétienne, which is in the region of Tipasa, just 45 minutes away by car. This is the burial place of the Berber rulers Juba II and Cleopatra Selene II, whose tombs lie under an enormous circular, domed pyramid, which is 32 metres tall and sixty wide; making it visible for miles around. It isn't currently possible to go inside, but visitors can see the mausoleum from the outside and take in the grandeur of the building, which is also a World Heritage Site. Its prime location on the top of a hill also provides some very pretty and truly inspirational views of the surrounding landscape and the Mediterranean Sea. A place of extraordinary beauty.

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