Ever heard of raï music? Here you can enjoy it live.

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Triangle Club

The most fashionable club in Algiers

For a night of partying till dawn, the best place in town is unquestionably Triangle Club, the most famous night club in Algiers. Very close to the Martyrs' Memorial, this is a real symbol of the night-life in the city thanks to its enticing music and the great atmosphere you’ll find in any of its three rooms. One room is dedicated to jazz music, another to techno and the third, and perhaps most interesting, is where you'll hear bands playing raï, the great icon of Algerian music. This style of music fuses classical melodies with other genres like rap, rock or reggae and uses contemporary elements such as synthesizers. The result? A combination of Arabic music with Western touches that is often performed live while the audience dance along in unison. Seeing this type of music live will be, at the very least, a unique experience. The Triangle Club is the most fashionable in the city.

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