A palace that combines architectural beauty with lush greenery and the sound of water.

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Villa Abd-el-Tif

An exquisite sight

A small yet very beautiful palace, built in the 18th century. Over the years, it has had numerous uses, including a residency for artists, until becoming one of the cultural centres par excellence of the capital. Today, thanks to its grandeur, it is also a national heritage site. The Villa Abd-el-Tif is an elegant, stately home built around a central, square patio surrounded by galleries of braided arches, colonnades and a terrace. Marble decoration, tiles and floral motifs are common throughout the building, setting a spectacular scene that is shared by trees, greenery and the sound of water, which is so typical in Arabic architecture. The porch and entrance are especially magical, giving a hint of what's in store inside the complex. You'll love it!

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