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General Villamil Playas

Tourist and beach area

The General Villamil Canton, mostly known as Playas, is the beach hotspot par excellence located at 97 kilometres from Guayaquil following the coast. If what you are looking for is a hotel complex with spa and free bar, beach bars, nightlife and lots of sea, then this place is for you. Surrounded by the Pacific, the city of Playas is the preferred destination of surfers and other lovers of water sports for its favourable currents. Its tropical climate throughout the year has turned the city into the perfect spot for a weekend getaway, leading to increased tourism in recent years. Up to now, the locals have lived mainly from fishing -shrimp and tuna so watch out for fresh seafood barbecues at unbeatable prices. With the influx of tourists, the business has turned this area into a focal point of good cuisine and excellent accommodation.

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