In Guayaquil, they really look after their history and this museum is another example of that

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Museo Nahím Isaías

A look at the history of Guayaquil

It is possible that if the documentary collections of all the museums of Guayaquil were put together, they would make a perfect study of the city from its indigenous period to the present day in an immense museum. The philanthropist and collector Nahim Isaias Barquet was another one of the benefactors that left his artistic inheritance to the city. From this collection the museum that bears his name was formed and it is located in the Plaza de la Administración. The collection has now become property of the Central Bank which guarantees its preservation. There are nearly 2,500 artworks -mainly paintings and sculptures- which span the history of Guayaquil from its pre-Hispanic period to the arrival of the colonists. In this way, they show how the theme changes from the colonial cosmogony (based on the four elements: fire, earth, water and air) to instilled religiousness. It also explains what the development was like of an agricultural culture to a city-port exporting its products.

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