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Don't be surprised by this imposing building: it's the headquarters of a regional bank.

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Bank of Central African States

A great white building in the middle of Malabo.

This is the local branch of the bank that serves the countries that use the CFA franc, namely, Cameroon, the Central African and Congo Republics, Gabon, Chad and Equatorial Guinea. It's located in the historical centre of Malabo in a huge white Functionalist building surrounded by windows. Upon opening, during the 1970s, this building was the headquarters of the People's Bank of Equatorial Guinea; the situation changed after the coup in 1979 in which Teodoro Obiang Nguema overthrew his uncle Francisco Macias Nguema. From that moment it became the headquarters of the Bank of Equatorial Guinea, until the country became part of the BEAC at Obiang's initiative.

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