If you're up for a little apéritif, this could be just the thing - and makes a great gift or souvenir, too.

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Palo de Mallorca liqueur

A local herbal liqueur with an interesting flavour and history.

As with most Mediterranean destinations, in Majorca good times and great food encourages the custom of "taking an apéritif." And so when choosing a nice café for a light bite before noon, take advantage of the occasion by ordering a glass of Palo de Mallorca. This liqueur has a curious history: In the 17th century, the Countess of Chinchón fell ill during a visit to Peru, and nothing was able to cure her except, finally, a solution of quinine root. When she came to the island, she brought this potion with her, and it grew popular here. It can be served in different ways but most usually it's mixed with sugar and caramel - giving it a taste that's half sweet and half savoury. Highly recommended for hot warm days!

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