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The Íris Cinema

Spend an evening like a local in Río de Janeiro

This popular establishment in the centrally-located Carioca Street has two distinctly different sides to it. During the day it is a calm film-screening room, but at night it transforms into a well-known meeting spot for fans of Río's famous raves. Situated on the ground floor of an apartment building, its opening dates back to 1909, under the original name of Sovereign Cinema. In 1919, the number of seats rose from 200 to 1,200 (although its current capacity has been reduced to less than 500), and it was renamed the Iris Cinema-Theatre, although almost everyone knows it simply as the Iris Cinema. After its early years of splendour, the cinema had a period of decline which led to a dwindling number of films being screened, mainly limited to a few low-budget martial arts movies. Its second transformation took place in the 80s, when it became the usual place to go, like other well-known auditoriums in the city, if you wanted to watch an erotic film. At present it is a relic, from an artistic point of view, for its modern style and is a must-see at night during the weekends when it is filled with the city's young electronic music fans. More information is available at www.cineiris.com.br.

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