A bird's eye dinner at the Rheinturm

Reserve a table and enjoy a typical German meal with amazing panoramic views!

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A bird's eye dinner at the Rheinturm

Delicious views.

How would you like to dine 240 metres up in the air? This is what the Rheinturm Tower offers, located at the edge of the Rhine. Its top floor houses a rotating restaurant that is open every day and night, offering amazing views of the city and its outskirts. It is open for lunch, but we recommend coming for dinner after a stroll along the walkway that connects the Altstadt with this part of town. This is the best way to get your bearings, and the nighttime views are breathtakingly impressive. Its menu is based on German recipes, offering all types of local meats, such as 'bratwurst' (the popular sausages) and 'axe' (shank). This is a very popular place to dine, so we recommend coming early, or making a reservation beforehand. Reserve your table at www.guennewig.de

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