A plethora of diverse books of all shapes and sizes line the shelves of this very special bookshop.

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A reading corner

Literature paradise.

For history buffs and literature lovers, the ground floor of the Stern-Verlag bookshop is a must-see. This is not a typical old bookshop, as the building itself is modern and famous throughout the city. However, although its exterior does not exude the charm of the old bookshops, this enormous bookshop is home to a reader’s paradise. You will find all kinds of books, discontinued editions, authors’ manuscripts, and works of literature and history that you may not find anywhere else. There is a large variety of books in all languages that recount the history of Düsseldorf and Germany. You can actually find books that narrate the city’s history from over two centuries ago. This bookshop is located at number 24 on Friedrich Street.

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