A trip to Düsseldorf without a visit to the Altstadt would be an unforgiveable sin. What are you waiting for?

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Getting to know the Old Town.

Altstadt is the word for old town in German, and this is where you will find some of the most important nooks of the city. Firstly, you will find Burgplatz on the Rhine riverbank. This is the city’s most important square, where you will see the ruins and remaining tower to the castle of the Earl of Berg, as well as the Navigation Museum. The Rathaus (Town Hall) is also a must-see, as it comprises three historic buildings in the middle of Marktplatz. For a religious tour of the North Rhineland capital, head to Saint Lambert’s Basilica, which is the most important Catholic church in the city, along with Bergerkirche Church, which is a Protestant church hhidden away on Berger Street, due to the fact that Protestantism was illegal in the 17th century, when it was founded. This area is also one of the most relaxed parts of the city, as it is known as the largest bar in the world, due its vast array of bars and pubs. This is the perfect place sample some of the local food and drink at any time of day.

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