All styles and eras of music fill the streets of Düsseldorf in September and October.

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Altstadtherbst Festival

A show for your ears.

Between the months of September and October, the streets of the Old Town are taken overby the biggest festival in Düsseldorf. This is the Altstadtherbst, which has become the country’s top cultural attraction for the past several years. Spectators from all over Germany and other parts of the continent gather in the streets to enjoy all kinds of musical performances; there are spaces for traditional music, folk music, jazz, rock and pop. It is also a great opportunity to showcase new trends. The same goes for theatre and dance performances. Release after release, the country’s most important shows are performed here, as well as more alternative options. In fact, one of the most popular part of the festival is the street theatre. A mixture of cultures and artistic offerings fills the street during this festival, and we highly recommend experiencing it all if you are visiting this time of year.

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