Burgplatz, the meeting point of the city

Ruins, the Rhine, a museum and a short stroll to the bars of Düsseldorf. What are you waiting for?

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Burgplatz, the meeting point of the city

A small square with great significance.

This small square used to surround the old castle, and is one of the city’s most emblematic places. Today, the castle has almost been reduced to ruins, as only one of its original towers remains. It fell victim to a fire in the 19th century that almost completely destroyed it. However, it has still maintained the memory of part of the city’s medieval history. At the other end of the square, the banks of the Rhine River lap against the Burgplatz walls, so that you don’t forget where you are. In this same location, you can visit the Navigation Museum, which explains the history of navigation on this river throughout the city’s existence. Finally, for a less cultural and more urban visit, the Burgplatz square is the gateway to the bars and cafes in the city centre. This is the perfect place to relax, lose yourself in the surrounding alleyways and sample some of the local beer.

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