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Carlsplatz market

Enormous and ancient.

Carlsplatz market is the oldest market in Düsseldorf, with a history that spans several centuries. It began as a food market in the outskirts of the city, where residents would gather on a daily basis to buy and sell whatever had been fished, hunted and cultivated in the area. This was the main gateway for products originating in Düsseldorf that were sold by fishermen who worked all day at the port, and is now located in the middle of the city centre. You can enjoy this enormous market from Monday to Saturday. Although you can find all types of merchandise, many stalls offer the best gastronomic delights that this area has to offer. If you are thinking of taking a delicious treat back as a souvenir, you can sample and buy the best here, whether it be cold cuts, cheese, wine, liquor, or the region’s tasty beer.

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