Voilà! One of the most comprehensive collections of cinema on the continent. You are sure to find marvels of the seventh art here.

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Cinema Museum

This one's for you, cinephiles!

For lovers of the seventh art, the Cinema Museum was opened to the public in 1993 in the heart of the city, in the middle of Altstadt. It is interesting that a city such as this one houses one of the most comprehensive cinema exhibitions on the continent. Nonetheless, this museum boasts a permanent exhibition that covers the history of cinema with objects and pictures from all eras. There is also a replica of the Roxy Theatre in New York, one of the most important historic theatres in the world. Of course, they also offer constant screenings of all types of film, from world cinema to series of completely alternative films from all over the world. In another of its rooms, costumes and props from historic films are on display. This museum is located at number 4, Schulstrasse Street.

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